ATTENTION COACHES: The New Niche Dating Scam to Avoid

Be aware of the dangers – Protect Yourself and Your Clients NOW

Forewarned is forearmed.

You owe it to yourself and your clients to avoid severe damage to your coaching business and the risk of your personal exposure to financial harm, crippling self-doubt and long-term emotional stress.
If you have received the bad advice that it’s not necessary to find your coaching niche when you start out and that it’s OK just to date your niche, then commit later, then you may be a victim of the dating scam.

  1. Victims report one or more of the following signs:
  2. Serious financial investment in studying and setting up their practice, but show little or no return on that investment
  3. Failure to attract clients with their online marketing
  4. Leads who don’t see the value in what they offer, and don’t convert to client
  5. Clients who don’t show up or won’t pay on time
  6. .A nagging feeling of doubt that they are in the right niche

Confusion, frustration and uncertainty about what to do next

There can be no doubt that the World needs coaches right now. As heart-centred coaches, we are convinced of our calling and are keen to serve. We are aware that the best way to learn the art of coaching is to study the methods taught by skilled, experienced coaches who can show us how to set up our coaching businesses. There are many coaching gurus, who are great at what they do, and who are stepping up to serve and lead the coaching community.

However, while most coaches were just starting out – or even several years down the line- have benefited from the experience and wisdom, many have failed to exercise due diligence in one critical area: advice on how to find a coaching niche.

The coaches who are successful and operating thriving businesses are the coaches who are, whether they are aware of it or not, in alignment with their unique message and connecting with the distinct group of people who are hungry for that message. It is true that they could potentially coach anyone to reach any goal, but that is not how they started out –and probably not how they built their business.

The failure of the coaching industry to emphasise the importance of getting clear on your niche. The paucity of information on exactly how to do that, has left many coaches either struggling to figure that out for themselves, or under the impression that you can just pick any niche and get started or worst still they give up and get a job.

This critical missing information and lack of clear guidance have led to coaches skipping over the vital first step of discovering who they are, and the unique message they have come to deliver.

Oblivious to the importance of first getting clear on your niche BEFORE building your business, there is a veritable epidemic of coaches eager to serve, but unable to understand why the marketing programmes that seem to work so effectively for others, are not yielding results for them.

They can’t figure out where they are going wrong, and so they invest thousands on one training course after another, in search of the elusive ‘missing piece of the puzzle’.
The marketing programmes DO work – but only for those who are clear on their niche!

The victims of the ‘niche dating scam’ are compassionate, dedicated, heart-centred coaches. They are longing to serve and help and it’s time for them to be shown why they are doing all the right things and yet not attracting the steady flow of clients who will recognise the value of what they offer.

If you have been a victim of the dating scam, it’s important to remember it’s not your fault.
But what you do next IS your responsibility.

If you have been fooled into thinking that your unease or disconnect with your chosen niche is simply a hiccup –and that it will sort itself out over time –I’m sorry to inform you that it will not. In fact, it will only get worse.

If left unchecked, any divergence in alignment between you and your message, and the resultant disconnect between you and your clients will only widen as you continue

It’s not too late to take action now – get clear on who you are, on the unique message you have come to deliver and the identity of the people who are waiting for you to show up and serve them!
Discover how to finally find your coaching niche.





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